Do you ever feel like an underdog? And that sometimes all that’s left is scraps?

If you can relate, then I think you’ll enjoy my story. Perhaps it will even inspire you to choose the road — and the independent infrastructure cloud — a bit less traveled by.

Walking with lions

I’ve been working and living in Silicon Valley since 2002. At age 21, I joined Oracle as a software engineer. When I met Larry Ellison atop one of the now dormant Oracle towers, he was actually quite friendly, at least to me and some fellow interns.

At 24, I joined a wiki…

Multi-process Firefox is fast like other browsers, but won’t suck up memory and slow down your computer as Chrome will sometimes do.

Today Mozilla is releasing a new version of Firefox that runs using a multi-process architecture, for the first time using several separate processes for your web page content (your tabs).

Now, you might know that some other browsers have done this sort of thing for a while. But even if you think you know everything about multi-process browsers, or if you don’t have the first clue, read on.

In this post I’ll explain what it means for Firefox…

It’s been a long time since I wrote openly about technology, with my own voice. Why? Because I spent nine years ghostwriting for Google, after joining the company with the acquisition of JotSpot back in 2006. Good chance you’ve read some of my stuff — marketing copy and product launch announcements for Android, Cloud Platform, and various apps, like Maps and Wallet.

At Google, I needed to be especially careful about what I said publicly, and I probably still do. But, I’m hoping that today marks the start of me more openly expressing my thoughts on technology. …

Ryan Pollock

Silicon Valley product guy and engineer. Currently VP Product Marketing & DevRel @Vultr / Constant. Formerly @GoogleCloud, @DigitalOcean, @Oracle, @Mozilla.

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